Do All Frozen Pipes Burst?


Do All Frozen Pipes Burst?

Winter is coming and when it does, it means your pipes are at risk of freezing. What’s worse, this also means many pipes are going to burst. Although not all frozen pipes will burst, it’s still a major concern when the temperature drops below 32 degrees. If your pipes aren’t thawed slowly, it’s possible they will burst. If the pipe ends up bursting, you want to slowly shut off the main water valve and then shut off all faucets. Follow up by opening up the lowest hot and cold faucet to drain the water so the pipe doesn’t spray water. Afterward, call a plumber. If you need frozen burst pipe repair in Mesquite, TX, this is an emergency plumbing repair service and James Armstrong Plumbing is available 24/7 to help. We can be reached at (214) 380-3473.

Will Frozen Pipes Thaw on Their Own?

When your pipes freeze, they will eventually thaw on their own. However, allowing pipes to thaw on their own is not a good idea. By the time they thaw, the damage to them is normally already done and frozen pipe repair will be required. To keep frozen pipes from bursting, you want to thaw them slowly.

Will Pouring Hot Water Down Drain Unfreeze Pipes?

While pouring hot water over many frozen surfaces can cause serious problems, pouring it down a frozen drain is one form of frozen pipe repair that will unfreeze your drains. Other ways to unfreeze drains include:

  • Heating the pipe: Use a hair dryer or space heater to heat the pipe. You can also wrap it with a damp towel or heating pad.
  • Adding salt: Pour table salt down the drain to melt the ice or you can even pour heated water with salt in it down the drain.
  • Calling a plumber: To ensure the best results, call professionals like those at James Armstrong Plumbing. Plumbers will have the right equipment to thaw the drain without damaging it.

Should you Turn Off Water if Pipes are Frozen?

If you have frozen pipes, and one or more of the pipes have burst, it is a good idea to shut off the main water valve before calling a professional for frozen pipe repair. You might also consider shutting off the water if you are traveling out of town when a freeze is expected to prevent water from freezing in the pipes while you are gone. Of course, before a freeze, you should allow some water to trickle from faucets to keep the pipes warmer than outside temperatures. Before freezes, outdoor pipes and other exposed pipes should be insulated.

How do you Unfreeze PEX Pipes?

Although PEX piping is designed specifically to withstand both hot and cold temperatures, it can freeze in extremely cold weather. You can thaw frozen PEX pipe in a similar way you would thaw other types of a frozen pipe. To thaw PEX:

  • Look for any cracked lines. Frozen pipe repair will be necessary if cracks are present.
  • Shut off the water. In older homes, you will need to shut off the main valve. In newer homes, you can shut off intermediate valves to isolate the frozen pipes.
  • Open up faucets connected to frozen lines so the water can drain and lower pressure in the pipe.
  • Use a blow dryer to thaw the pipe. You can also wrap the pipe in towels or bath cloths and pour hot water over them to thaw the pipes without damaging them.

Freezing Pipe to Repair it

While having a frozen pipe can cause serious damage, some repair techniques plumbers use to require them to freeze the pipe to make a repair. This type of frozen pipe repair involves using a special repair kit in which CO2 or a similar refrigerant is used to create a block of ice in the pipe to shut off the flow of water when no shut-off is available or it’s impractical to use a shutoff valve. Once the ice shuts off the water flow, the repair can be made normally.

Is Frozen Pipe Covered by Insurance?

If you have a frozen pipe burst, the damage is usually covered if the damage was caused by a sudden and accidental discharge from the pipe. “Sudden and accidental” have to be part of the language of the policy, and the property owner must have taken proper steps to protect the property from damage. This usually means the property has to be heated or a certain temperature has to be maintained even if the property is vacant.

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Frozen Pipe Repair Near Me

If your pipes have burst after a freeze and you need frozen pipe repair in Mesquite, TX, you just need to turn to the professionals at James Armstrong Plumbing. We offer a wide range of plumbing repair solutions. To get help fast, all you need to do is call (214) 380-3473.




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