How can I get natural gas in my home?


Is Natural Gas a Liquid?

Many people like having an all-electric home and others like to have both electric and natural gas energy power in their home. Sometimes we have a choice, sometimes we have to work with whatever type of energy is in the house. If you have the choice between all-electric, natural gas, or propane, which is your preference?  If you prefer Natural gas, line installation may be possible, you’ll just need to do some investigating and researching.

Yes, and no. What consumers use as natural gas isn’t how it comes out of the ground when drilled, natural gas is primarily composed of methane. However, raw natural gas originates from three kinds of wells: oil wells, gas wells, and condensate wells that then go through processing that separates the various fluids and hydrocarbons from the purely natural gas. This process gives us the “dry” natural gas we use in our homes and businesses with the natural gas line installations.

How Safe is Natural Gas in the Home?

Natural gas line repair and installation and use is an efficient and safe source of power when used correctly. Yes, there is a potential for fires, and it can be poisonous when inhaled. So can other forms of energy sources like electricity and gasoline. Natural gas isn’t any more dangerous than those other forms of energy, and you can purchase a natural gas detector for the home that will alert you when there is a natural gas leak.

Is Natural Gas Heating Dangerous?

We use natural gas line installation for heating most homes in this country, commonly with a gas boiler or gas furnace. Yet, there is still a high level of caution and concern when a heat source is gas-powered. There is a fear of exhausts and explosions, yet no fear of electric heat and fires.

Natural gas line installation and the gas heaters made today operate with a very minimal danger level. The biggest concern to have when using natural gas heat is carbon monoxide leaks. Carbon monoxide, a byproduct of the combustion of gas, is toxic, but because they design furnaces to vent through a flue, the chance of it leaking into the home is slim.

Even though gas boilers and furnaces made today are held to high safety standards, and they hold Natural gas line installation to strict safety standards and environmental standards, when maintenance or the boiler or furnace is ignored, they can become unsafe quickly and with little warning. The older a gas heater, the more likely the chance of carbon dioxide escaping. Therefore, experts and professionals recommend having your gas heating inspected once a year and performing regular maintenance yourself, or having maintenance performed on a monthly basis.

What Natural Gas is Used in Homes?

In a home that has natural gas installation, the gas is delivered through pipelines or tanks deliver it as compressed natural gas). Most of the natural gas installation that is consumed in homes is for space heating and water heating. We also use it for powering clothes dryers, light fixtures, ovens, stoves, and other appliances.

How Do you Find Out if I Can Get Natural Gas?

As we have discussed, gas is the least expensive energy source, but for some homeowners, their homes are set up as all-electric when they move in. So, does this mean that electricity is the only option they have? This depends on their property and some important things that must be considered:

  • Check with the local municipality if natural gas installation is available in your house.
  • Call the local natural gas company, in the case of Mesquite Texas, that would be Atmos Energy.
  • How close is the nearest natural gas line?
  • Has the property ever had natural gas installation?
  • Do any of the neighbors have natural gas installations?

Once you have confirmed there is natural gas installation available to your home, there is more than just plugging in a toaster. The following steps will need to be followed to assure the gas is run properly, connected to your home correctly, and there are no leaks.

Schedule Natural Gas Installation Service

Next, the local natural gas company will come to locate the underground lines for all utilities to your home and mark them. They will then lay out the best way for the natural gas lines to be laid to service your home. They will install a gas meter, connect it to the gas supply line, and pressure checks the system.

Piping Your Home for Natural Gas

Once the underground gas lines are complete, you must find a gas plumber to pipe your home for your natural gas installation. They will run the pipes from the meter to each outlet inside your home where gas is needed, such as appliances, furnace, and water heater.

Time to Install the Appliances, Furnace, Water Heater

Now time to install your appliances, furnace, and water heater. You can have the gas plumber do this, or you can yourself, based on regulations of the local municipality. We always recommend having a professional gas plumber complete your natural gas installation. They will check for any gas leaks or other issues and make it right. If you don’t have natural gas installation available, but you are curious about it, you’ll find it to be a cleaner way to cook and heat, and less expensive.  Appliance for natural gas is typically less expensive than electric appliances too! Let’s get started on your natural gas line installation in Mesquite, TX! Call the experts at James Armstrong Plumbing at (214) 624-7186.




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