How to Repair Sink Leak


How to Repair Sink Leak

From dripping faucets to leaking pipes, sink leaks are more than a nuisance. A leaking sink can cause water damage to cabinets and floors or could be a sign of another problem like a clog. No matter how severe the leak is, make sure you get the sink repaired quickly to avoid further damage. If you have the skills and right tools, sink repair is something you can do yourself. Here are some different leak repairs you can do yourself.

  • A dripping faucet is often caused by loose compression fittings on the shut-off valves. Tighten them by holding the valve with one wrench, while turning the compression nut with another.
  • Use adjustable or locking pliers to tighten faucet connections located in cramped spaces behind the sink.
  • A leaking faucet may also need to be disassembled and gaskets and washers replaced.
  • If drain leaks can’t be stopped by tightening the compression nuts, it could mean the pipe or trap is clogged. A metal trap may be corroded. Remove the trap and clean it or replace it if it’s corroded.
  • Use an auger to clear the clogged drain pipe.

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How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Leaky Sink?

Sink repair will vary in cost depending on the type of repair made. The average sink repair cost is $194. A leak repair will cost between $110 to $170. Other common repairs include unclogging drains or replacing the sink or faucet. Clearing clog costs anywhere between $150 to $200, while replacing a sink or faucet may cost anywhere between $150 to $400, not including the new part.

How do You Fix an Old Sink?

If you’re remodeling and have an old porcelain enamel sink, you may not have to replace it. Instead, you can refinish it using an enamel repair kit. This can be a time-consuming—and dusty—task because you have to wait for multiple layers of paint to dry. But, the resulting work can be worth the time.

You’ll have to shut off the sink’s water supply, clear the water line and then remove the faucets and drain assembly and then follow the steps below. Because the work is dusty you’ll want to open windows for proper ventilation, cover the workspace with plastic, and wear a dust mask.

  • Clean the sink thoroughly before you begin to remove the top layer of the sink with a palm sander. All the enamel won’t be removed. You just need a smooth surface.
  • Remove the top layer with a palm sander, vacuum away the dust, and apply a bonding agent.
  • Let the bonding agent dry and apply an acrylic primer with a paint sprayer. After about 30 minutes add the second coat of primer.
  • After the primer dries, use the paint sprayer to apply urethane enamel. Spray on three coats, letting it dry for about 30 minutes between coats.
  • Allow the paint to cure for 48 hours.

Can a Ceramic Sink be Repaired?

Although attractive, ceramic sinks can easily be chipped. Ceramic sink repair is possible. If you are wondering, “How do you fix a chip in a sink?” the repairs are fairly simple and can save you from replacing the sink. All you need to do is to clean the sink and sand the damaged area before applying a repair compound. Follow up by applying touch-up paint.

What Causes Hairline Cracks in Sinks?

Hairline cracks are a common problem on porcelain sinks. Once the cracks happen, there’s not much you can do except sink repair. If you want to prevent further cracks from developing, you need to know what causes them in the first place. Really drastic temperature changes will cause cracks. For instance, if your sink is really cold and you pour really hot water into it, the heat will create temperature stress and cause a crack. Another problem that causes cracks is heavy dropped items. Although porcelain is tough, a hard impact will crack it. In fact, hard impacts can cause cracks.

Do Sink Repair Kits Work

While cracks and chips can happen in porcelain and ceramic sinks, you don’t have to despair. You can buy a sink repair kit to make repairs. You can make the repair yourself, though it will take patience and steady hands, as well as about 24 hours. The kits usually contain enamel epoxy. Some may contain touch-up paint, though usually, you need to purchase paint separately. If a crack is minor, you may only need the touch-up paint.

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Sink Repair Near Me

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