What’s Clogged Drain?


Learn More About a Clogged Drain

A clogged drain can be formed for a number of reasons and can often halt the progress of your day if severe enough. That’s why it’s essential to have your plumbing systems taken care of immediately when a clog forms in order to ensure smoother operations. A plumber may be able to remove obstructions with relative ease and quickness yet more severe issues may point to ongoing problems. Make sure to have your plumbing lines inspected for locations of leaks or other issues that may arise with a clogged pipeline. Until then, here is some general information regarding clogged drains that may be of use to you.

Why is My Drain Clogged?

Depending on the location, a clogged drain emerge with different things going down the drain that shouldn’t. On the basic level, over time skin flakes, dirt and sediment can stick to soap scum or other sticky areas along the pipe. Gunk accumulation is inevitable and will reduce the flow of water. It’s important to have your drains cleaned and unclogged when the time calls for it.

Clogged Drain With Hair

A clogged drain that has hair trapped is often the reason for clogs in the tub, shower, or bathroom sink. Ultimately a plumbing snake, or DIY snake made with a wire hanger, can reach into the drain and pull out clumps of hair.

Clogged Drain With Septic System

When items are flushed when they should be down toilets you may experience problems with sewer pipes or septic tank systems. Items to avoid include paper towels, disposable diapers, cigarette butts, sanitary tampons, non-biodegradable, or anything plastic.

Clogged Drain With Garbage Disposal

Similar to septic tanks, anything that shouldn’t be going down the drain will cause a clog. A clogged drain with garbage disposal is particular with slimy objects, fibrous objects, hard objects, and fine objects. Such examples can include spaghetti, celery, fruit pits, coffee grounds, oil, potato peels, and others.

Where is My Drain Clogged?

It can be rather difficult to find the exact location of clogs as pipes are out of sight. With new technologies, plumbing service companies can track issues fairly quickly when it has to do with a clogged drain. As such, the first place to expect a clogged drain can be the bottom of the fixture’s trap. If not there it may be somewhere between the sink drain and branch pipe that it’s connected to as is often the case with showers, toilets, and tubs. finally, more often the clog will be in the sink trap.

Can a Clogged Drain Cause a Leak?

A clogged drain can cause pipes to overflow and back up. With cracks in caulking or pipe threads, you may see that this building pressure will exacerbate these preexisting issues to where a leak can emerge. With aging pipes, these conditions can be hidden yet prevalent, not emerging until damage has become extensive although the internal chronic water damage has already been there.

Clogged Drain Cost

A clogged drain may cost differently depending on the severity of the clog and where it may be. With bathrooms and kitchens, you may see a range of $109-$214. A laundry drain could run from $151-$214 while a toilet clog could be anywhere from $109-$273.

What Can I Pour Down a Drain to Unclog it?

A safe remedy to use can be a mixture of water with vinegar and baking soda. Ultimately pouring drain cleaners can cause internal damage to the pipe due to reactive chemicals. This will prematurely damage piping and down the line cause leaks or pipe replacements.

What Acid do Plumbers Use to Unclog Drains?

Some plumbers may choose to use a solution of muriatic acid to clean clogged drains. As this acid is more specifically a kind of hydrochloric acid solution it should be used with great care and caution to avoid damage.

How Do you Clear a Completely Clogged Drain?

  • Use boiling hot water and pour that down the drain.
  • Wait a few minutes and add vinegar and baking soda mixed with water.
  • Pour that down.
  • Wait 15 minutes.
  • Pout hot water again.
  • Other methods:
    • Drain Snake
    • Plunger

Get Help With a Clogged Drain From a Professional Plumber

There are many methods out there to remove problems from a clogged drain. It’s best to reach out to a professional plumbing company when issues with a clogged toilet emerge. Get the help that will be quick and thorough with a trained plumber and have the process of finding and determining the severity of clogs simplified for you. Make sure to avoid incorrect objects from being disposed of in all locations of your property in order to save yourself from clog headaches. Speak to your local plumbers today to see what can be done with your clogged drain.

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