Clogged Drain Cleaning

A Pipe With a Severe Case of Hard Water Content in Need of Clogged Drain Cleaning

Lasting Solutions for Stinky Problems

Do you have problems with smelly, slowly-working drains? Your plumbing could be experiencing a nasty clog. Removing this blockage can be difficult; getting lasting results is even harder!

At James Armstrong Plumbing, we examine your system closely to determine the source of your drain blockage and create a custom solution. That’s why we provide local homeowners with long-term relief, not just a quick fix. To learn more about our Mesquite, TX clogged drain cleaning services, contact us at (214) 414-3705.

Bad Clogs Happen to Good People

Believe it or not, there are quite a few potential causes for a backed-up drain. Most are related to the materials that go down your pipes over the years. Others may arise from outside causes; these are often the most destructive and difficult to remove.

Some of the most common causes of clogs include:

  • Tree Roots
  • Calcified Mineral Content
  • Tough Food Waste
  • Congealed Fat and Grease
  • Hardened Grooming Products
  • Flushed Miscellaneous Objects
  • Hair Masses

Most of these hazards can be avoided with proper waste management. However, clogs just happen sometimes (even to the most diligent homeowners). Just make sure that you arrange timely cleaning to avoid the more serious consequences of drain blockage.

The Dangers of Prolonged Clogs

What sort of problems can a long-term clog create for your plumbing system? There’s more at stake than a simple case of slow draining! Many homeowners don’t realize the tremendous amount of pressure that a clog generates as water attempts to pass through the pipe. As the clog grows and hardens, that pressure pushes outward and (eventually) causes a pipe rupture.

Our course, some of the worst cases of pipe clogs actually cause sewer water from the drain line to flow back up into the house. If you’ve ever smelled wastewater before, that’s not a scent you want coming out of the bathtub or toilet! If you notice sewer backflow inside your home, it could indicate a problem down inside your main sewer line.

Our Clogged Drain Cleaning Services

A drain clog normally arises in either the kitchen or one of the bathrooms. Each area faces different kinds of clogs, though all are equally threatened in the event of severe blockage. Below, you’ll find how each of these areas react in the event of a clog! For additional details, give us a call at (214) 414-3705 and talk with a plumber about clogged drain cleaning in Mesquite, TX.

Shower and Tub

Shower and Tub Clogs

This type of blockage can be the most difficult to remove without professional help. As hair, hygienic products, dirt, and sludge buildup inside your drain lines, cleaning products become less and less effective. Some even make the blockage harder to remove. That’s why timely cleaning is essential!


Stopped Up Toilets

Clogged toilets can be the most alarming problems to face. The most stubborn clogs are those located further down the drain line. While plunging provides relief in some cases, it can also force more intense blockage out of reach. If you notice sewer backflow coming out of the toilet, call our local team immediately for clogged drain cleaning!

Sink Clogs

Severe Sink Clogs

Sink clogs are typically the easiest to remove because homeowners and plumbers can typically access them from under the counter. However, people often make the mistake of using corrosive chemical cleaners to remove the blockage. This eats away at the inside of your pipes, while only providing temporary relief. That’s why plumbers only utilize certain chemical cleaners, if any.

A Shower Drain Cap

Find Your Lasting Relief!

When it comes to eliminating clogs from your drain lines, timely care ensures the best results. Don’t wait too long to get your pipes cleaned out, or you could be stuck with a busted pipe! Cleaning out your pipes early also makes it easier and cheaper to stop future blockage.

Is it time arrange some professional care for your drain lines? Contact our friendly staff at James Armstrong Plumbing and schedule your clogged drain cleaning in Mesquite, TX. One call to (214) 414-3705 and your pipes will be well on their way to fast, smell-free draining!

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