Sewer Camera Inspections

The Interior of a Pipe During One of Many Sewer Camera Inspections

An Inside Look for Your Plumbing

Inspecting an underground line used to be quite the challenge. As plumbers would have to dig around through the yard to locate the damaged portion, repairs were excruciatingly time-consuming and costly. Thankfully, technological advancements in the industry allow modern plumbers to inspect your sewer line with relative ease!

That’s where our Mesquite, TX sewer camera inspections come into action. With this convenient, time-saving method, our skilled plumbing professionals offer detailed insight into the condition of your sewer line, plus practical methods for fixing the problem. To learn more about these camera inspections, call us today at (214) 414-3705!

How Sewer Camera Inspections Work

Camera inspections are all about getting an inside look into your plumbing lines. The equipment actually looks very similar to clog removal equipment. Instead of attaching a barbed head on the end of the line however, our professionals attach a specialized camera on the flexible cord. We carefully insert the line into the most convenient access point, often after cleaning out the pipe.

This allows our plumber to conduct a visual inspection of the damaged line, identifying the cause and extent of the internal degradation. The picture detail allows us to understand the reason why your plumbing has been malfunctioning, so that we can create a long-term solution for your problems. If you’d like additional details about estimates or scheduling sewer camera inspections in Mesquite, TX, give us a call at (214) 414-3705.

Why Homeowners Like It

Reasons Homeowners Like Camera Inspections

So why do homeowners typically prefer sewer camera inspections over standard visual assessments? For one, our plumbers can pinpoint the exact areas that require service without digging up large portions of the yard. If you’ve ever witnessed a home trenching project, you’ll understand why most homeowners prefer to never go through that process again!

Pinpoint repair service saves time, energy, and money. Because our capable plumbing professionals get an inside look at the damaged pipe, these inspections also help us get a better idea of what service your sewer line needs most. If we see that the line is heavily corroded, for instance, we’ll know that a replacement may offer better results for your investment.

Time Requirements

Time Requirements for a Camera Inspection

Most camera inspections can be completed in 45 minutes to an hour. This depends on our plumber’s access to a convenient entry point in the line, plus the conditions of the pipe interior. If there’s a clog filling up the sewer line, we’ll also need to clean out any existing blockage before continuing with the inspection.

Talk with one of our local plumbing experts about getting a potential cost and time estimate for your inspection. Simply call (214) 414-3705 to learn more.

When to Schedule

“Should I Schedule a Camera Inspection?”

Camera inspections are generally reserved for underground plumbing lines. If you are concerned about potential leaks or heavy blockage in the drain line, sewer camera inspections offer a very convenient way of getting to the heart of the problem quickly. Try to arrange your inspection as soon as possible, before a more serious problem (like sewer backflow) creates an emergency.

The Interior of a Large Pipe

Need More Info About Sewer Camera Inspections?

Our friendly staff at James Armstrong Plumbing would love to answer any questions you may have about sewer camera inspections in Mesquite, TX and nearby areas. To learn more, simply give the James Armstrong Plumbing team a call at (214) 414-3705. If you haven’t partnered with our plumbers before, feel free to check out our reviews from local homeowners!