How Do You Use a Sewer Inspection Camera?


What is Involved in a Sewer Inspection?

Sewer inspection camera – not three words that you would have put together 20 years ago, but here they are today. A sewer inspection camera is a new technology that has made plumber’s jobs easier and faster, which in the end saves the customer money and frustration. Technology today has given us sewer inspection camera systems where your plumber can find out exactly what going on with your sewer line without having to dig up your yard.

The sewer line to any home needs care and maintenance like other areas of a home. However, the sewer line is still neglected, out of sight out of mind, until it isn’t working anymore. A sewer inspection is done by a sewer inspection camera to see if there are any clogged, collapsed, or cracked sewer lines. Make sure there aren’t any tree roots making their way into the sewer line.

This is an inspection done by a camera attached to a snake line. The video camera records the state of the sewer, revealing any cracks, tree roots, collapsed lines, repiping, clogs, and other problems inside the sewer. Anyone buying an older home may request a sewer inspection camera method before completing their purchase. Knowing what is going on beforehand gives you time to prepare.

How do You Use a Sewer Inspection Camera?

A sewer camera inspection is done by funneling a camera on a flexible fiberglass cable through the sewer pipe. The camera sends pictures of the sewer pipe’s interior to a television-type screen where the plumber can determine the problem. They will be able to see if there are tree roots inside the pipe or something else blocking it like a nest or collapsed pipe.

Using the sewer camera inspection method is easier for the plumber and saves the property-owners lawn and money. A sewer inspection camera with a locator is a great assistance in showing the plumber the full scope of the problem and how deep into the sewer line the problem is located.

How do you Tell if My Sewer Line is Collapsed?

When you think about having a clog in the plumbing, you’re likely to think the kitchen sink is clogged or the toilet needs to be plunged. These are simple clogs. The clogs that can cost a fortune are sewer line clogs.

The drainage pipes from your home run underground and into the main sewer line that is connected to the municipal sewer line.  When this line gets a clog or collapses, it takes more than a toilet plunge to fix. As a homeowner, you should be aware of collapsed sewer line indications:

1. Frequent Backups

If the toilet frequently backs up, soaking your bathroom in disgusting wastewater, you may have a clogged collapsed main sewer line.

2. Multiple Clogs

Because all of the drains are connected to the main sewer line,  a collapsed sewer line impacts all of them. So, when water and whatever you have in the drain is backing up in multiple areas of the house, you probably have a broken, clogged, or collapsed sewer line.

3. Plumbing Does Its Own Thing

The drainage system of pipes in a home is a complicated puzzle with bends, connections, and turns. When the sewer line becomes clogged, the drains begin to make noises and emit obnoxious odors. Sometimes they have bubbles coming up. So, no, your toilet isn’t haunted, but you probably have a sewer line problem that needs a plumber to perform a sewer inspection camera method to find out what’s going on underground.

4. Constantly Soaked Lawn

The main sewer line can change your lawn when the pipe breaks from corrosion or a tree root. Every time water flows through the sewer line, it gets absorbed in the soil at the broken area and saturates the ground. Grass loves to be watered, but too much can kill it too.  A plumber with a sewer inspection camera can find out where the sewer line is broken, repair or replace it, maybe using a trenchless method and you can get your lawn dried out and evenly growing again.

What is the Best Sewer Camera?

Not every camera manufacturer knows how to make a sewer inspection camera because of its specialty. A sewer inspection camera is used to diagnose the issue inside a sewer system pipe by being pushed into the pipe on a cable.

It is dark inside those pipes, so illumination LEDs are needed, and the camera needs the ability to rotate and be controlled by a remote. This is more than just snapping a polaroid shot. Some of the most chosen sewer inspection cameras are:

  1. Mophorn Sewer Camera – a 9″ Color LCD Monitor.
  2. Aukfa AK7D1 Sewer Pipe Camera  – ideal for homeowners with a mod-budget price.
  3. L-Limink Wireless Inspection Camera – most affordable.
  4. HBUDS H-20MCAM Sewer Camera – the 65-foot cable makes this one a winner.
  5. Anysun 9″ Monitor  – even better with a 100 feet cable on the sewer camera.

If you’re considering doing your own sewer inspection camera process, you probably want to be ready in the budget department, because again, these aren’t the old school polaroid type cameras. How much does a camera sewer line cost? You can expect to spend around $500 for the most basic camera with the shortest cable or up to $1600 or more for a more elaborate setup.  You can also find a place that will Rent sewer inspection cameras, many plumbing contractors do that until they have established a need to have one on hand.

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