Sewer Repair in Mesquite, TX

Sewer Services Unearth a Drain Line for Repairs

Tackling the Smelliest Plumbing Problems

Your sewer line performs a smelly, albeit essential job for your home. By safely removing fluid and solid waste from your property, this system protects your family from disease and harmful organisms. It’s a dirty job that all homeowners can be thankful for, even if most of the work goes on behind the scenes.

However, damage in the draining system produces some of the most unmistakable and unpleasant side-effects. When it comes to these stinky situations, relief can’t come quickly enough. That’s why our team at James Armstrong Plumbing works so hard to provide you with fast and reliable sewer repair in Mesquite, TX. To learn more about our local solutions, call us at (214) 414-3705.

Common Sewer Problems

While the extent of the damage varies from home to home, most families encounter three familiar challenges. The scale of the repair (and cleaning) work often hinges on the origin of the problem and how quickly service is provided. Unfortunately, we help many families that waited just a bit too late to avoid some of the smellier effects of sewer breakdown. However, our sewer services provide all of our clients with cost-effective and lasting relief.

Pipe Clogs

Clogged Household Drains

There are all kinds of gunk that go into creating a stubborn drain clog. In the kitchen, you’ll find congealed fats, grease, and oils paving the way for tough blockage. New homeowners often find out the hard way what goes safely into the garbage disposal, and what doesn’t. Thankfully, most clogs here can be easily accessed and removed by a professional.

Bathroom sink clogs behave very similarly to their kitchen counterparts, though toilet and tub blockage often behave much more stubbornly. That’s because this blockage becomes more difficult to access once it passes out of reach. Store-bought chemicals sometimes provide temporary relief, but these often eat away at the walls of your pipes. As a result, homeowners often require professional clogged drain cleaning to get long-term relief for their problems.

Our team at James Armstrong Plumbing provide invaluable help with removing clogs in your drain system, no matter where they occur. Be sure to contact our professionals before the blockage causes pipe-damaging pressure! You can contact our team anytime at (214) 414-3705.

Sewer Backflow

Sewer Line Clog Removal & Backflow Prevention

While clogs are fairly common within the house drain lines, the primary sewer pipe rarely suffers from serious blockage. With that being said, sewer line clogs are often the toughest, most stubborn grime to try to remove. Even some snaking services have difficulty removing these clogs.

Like the interior clogs that most homeowners are familiar with, sewer line blockage starts as material adheres to the sides of the pipe. This could be paper products that were mistakenly flushed down – beware products claiming to be “flushable” – to become lodged in the line. For some homeowners, calcified minerals from hard water content constrict sewer flow over time.

No matter the source of the blockage, the result is almost always the same: sewer backflow. That dark, smelly water coming up through the tub and sink drains? Sewage. Make sure your family avoids even touching this contaminated waste water! Call our team at James Armstrong Plumbing as soon as possible to arrange your sewer repair in Mesquite, TX.

Drain Line Damage

Sewer Line Repair

Worried about those growing puddles in the yard? Damaged sewer lines often give themselves away through patches of unusually green grass above the pipe. Our team can provide sewer camera inspections to locate the damaged portions of the pipe. This allows our team to perform pinpoint repairs while skipping the destructive process of exploratory digging in the yard.

Whether your sewer line ultimately requires simple repairs or replacement, you can count on our plumbers to get the work done right!

Backflow Spills Out Beneath a Bathroom Door

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