Gas Line Repair and Installation in Mesquite, TX

A Brand New Gas Line Installation

Safety & Functionality for Your Home

Natural gas provides us with an affordable, easily accessible source of energy to fuel our daily lives. Many homeowners rely on gas for their cooking, personal hygiene, and general comfort. That’s why gas leaks can quickly bring life to a standstill!

At James Armstrong Plumbing, we are your local, friendly source for dependable gas line repair in Mesquite, TX. Our plumbers also provide professional line installation for original installations and additions. To learn more about our gas services, give us a call today at (214) 414-3705!

Timely, Professional Repair

When it comes to gas line emergencies, timely service makes all the difference. Your ability to recognize the symptoms of a leak and take quick action could save your family a lot of heartache. Of course, having a trained, certified, and highly-rated repair plumber ready to help makes the situation a lot more bearable too!

If your home is experiencing a natural gas-related emergency, contact your gas company right away. Then call our team at (214) 414-3705 and arrange your gas line repair in Mesquite, TX.

Identifying a Leak

Spotting a Leak

So how can you identify the signs of a natural gas leak? First, you need to understand the identifying characteristics of the gas. In its original form, natural gas is both transparent and odorless. Your gas utility company actually laces the fuel with a foul-smelling gas called mercaptan. Believe it or not, that rotten egg (or sulfuric) scent saves lives every year!

While natural gas serves as a safe, convenient fuel source in the right circumstances, it can become a serious danger to your family if your lines are damaged. That’s because the gas is an asphyxiant, pushing oxygen out of the space it occupies. As natural gas becomes more concentrated in a room, it may even prove lethal.

The initial symptoms of natural gas inhalation resemble those of the flu. Dizziness, difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea, and lightheadedness could all indicate something has gone wrong (especially if there’s no accompanying fever). Couple these symptoms with that sulfur smell, and it’s time to get your family and pets out of the house!

Getting Fast Results

Arranging Repairs

During a leak, it’s important to safely evacuate your family and contact your gas company. Make sure you don’t turn on (or off) any lights or electronics as you exit the house. Wait until everyone is outside to call, as the electrical charges in your phone could potential ignite concentrated natural gas. Our plumbing repair experts will be happy to locate the leak and fix it for you. Try to give them a clear picture of where the leak is most likely occurring.

Gas Line Installation

Professional installation protects your home in the long run, especially as you add on more and more gas-powered appliances. Make sure you contact a plumber that’s qualified to work on gas lines. They’ll walk you through the installation process and provide a timetable for the project.

Our team at James Armstrong Plumbing has the essential experience needed to ensure a flawless gas line installation. Talk with one of our Mesquite, TX gas line repair and installation experts about your upcoming project. We’ll happily provide you with an estimate; simply call our local office at (214) 414-3705!

Well Fueled Gas Burners on a Stove Top After Gas Line Repair

Ask for Your Gas Line Service Today!

Do you need to arrange professional care for your gas lines? Talk with one of our seasoned repair experts at James Armstrong Plumbing about getting a checkup for your home. We’ll be happy to closely examine your gas lines to determine the source of whatever problem is draining your supply. If you haven’t teamed up with our experts before, be sure to see what other homeowners have to say about our services.

When you’re ready to get started on your project, call our friendly staff at (214) 414-3705. We’ll arrange your Mesquite, TX gas line repair or installation at a convenient time for you. We can’t wait to serve you and your family!

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